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The word 'shambala' is based in spiritual meaning in the Buddhist religion that has endured for centuries. For Tibetan Buddhists, shambala represents a place of enlightenment, peace, tranquility and happiness. This idea extends to the practice of wearing shambala bracelets in that they carry one forward in good health and wellbeing.

BijouRocks' expert jeweler, Reine Krief, was inspired by the idea of shambala and sought to create bracelets that carry forward this spiritual meaning. Our curated Shambala Collection showcases a range of bracelets each with their own meanings. Reine carefully selects each semi-precious stone and bead to uphold these meanings, and we would like to highlight a few here:

Heart Chakra Shambala

Our heart chakra bracelet represents 'anahata,' or "the center of the energy within." Focused on the fourth primary chakra located in the central channel of the spine, this bracelet's intention is to help achieve balance, calmness, and serenity. Anahata signifies the state of freshness one feels when they experience openness and expansion. By wearing this bracelet, you can be reminded of the balance and openness within you.

Third Eye Chakra Shambala

Our collection includes three bracelet styles that represent the third eye and are encouraged to be worn together, but this design felt special to showcase. All three bracelets (shown at the top of this post) have lapis and golden hematite stones, but this style specifically heavily features these golden beads. Here are a few notes on each part of this bracelet:

  • Third Eye or Ajna The sixth chakra is located in the center of one's forehead between the eyebrows. As a person views the physical world with two eyes, it is believed that by connecting to one's third eye, deeper intuitions and insights about the past and future are revealed. 
  • Lapis Lazuli This deep-blue semi-precious stone is directly linked to the third eye chakra as it represents intuition and wisdom. Additionally, lapis is believed to hold healing properties that are focused on boosting the immune system and easing migraine pain.
  • Golden Hematite The inclusion of hematite stones are for the purpose of grounding the wearer. Because much of the focus of this bracelet is in intuition, the presence of hematite will absorb negative energy and bring calm in times of worry or stress.

Sacral Chakra Shambala

This bracelet represents the sacral chakra, or 'svadhishthana,' which translates to "where your being is established." Located just above the tailbone, this chakra is associated with emotional balance and creativity. Because the sacral chakra may be blocked by fear, our bracelet features golden hematite to absorb negative energy and bring calmness. It also showcases the carnelian stone, which represents creativity, motivation, endurance, leadership, and courage. Work through your next creative endeavors with the protection of this bracelet.

Our shambala collection features even more chakra-specific bracelets for both men and women. Read through each product's description to find a bracelet that serves as protection and intention for what you most need in your life. And, as always, reach out to us with any questions. We are always here to help guide you to the right piece of jewelry.

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