Based in Southern California, BijouRocks is more than a handcrafted jewelry shop, it is a personal experience. Founded by Reine Krief, the curated collections of carefully selected semi-precious stones, top quality components and repurposed vintage pieces come together in coherent handmade collections. In addition to our jewelry and personalized custom design services, we also design collections of luxurious leather handbags, offer leisure and loungewear, and an array of accessories to complete your look.

Established in 2016, BijouRocks highlights individually handcrafted jewelry designs pulled from materials found around the world. Each piece is influenced by Reine's inspiration of aesthetic, color, texture, and design.

"I really like to feel the weight of a finished piece in my hand. There is something authentic about it."  Reine Krief

Today Bijourocks has grown and shares a beautiful creative space with Krief Design Studio, located in the arts district of Solana Beach, California. Our shop and showroom showcases our latest collections, serves as a space for private events, trunk shows, and a gallery for fine art exhibits. 

Reine Krief, Founder & Designer

Raised in Montreal, Canada, Reine has built an extensive career in fashion and interior design. Her focused education in the industry led to her dedicated work in design, wholesale, and retail. Seeking and allowing her to spend more time with her family, she eventually shifted her work to interior design and decor.

When an opportunity to move to California presented itself, Reine and her family did not hesitate and made the international move, despite the knowledge that starting over in a new country would pose exciting challenges, both professionally and personally.

As Reine's children grew older, she was able to dedicate more time to her craft and mastered the art of hand knotted jewelry, a technique in which silk is knotted between individual stones and beads to upload their place and integrity. She paired this practice with her passion for collecting vintage and antique jewelry, creating beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces.

"Making, creating, designing – it all makes me happy. I'd like to share that with the world." Reine Krief

What began as a personal project has now spurred into a growing professional endeavor that has a loyal following across North America. In response to strong demand, Reine expanded her work to Reine Krief Designs, curated collections of Italian leather handbags and accessories, silk scarves, and apparel. Her designs can be found on her online shop and in the BijouRocks shop in Solana Beach, California.