How to Repurpose Vintage Jewelry

Do you have a piece of vintage jewelry passed down through your family or loved ones that you haven't worn? This can be for a number of reasons – the current state of the piece, the coveted meaning behind the piece, or the difficulty pairing the piece with your current wardrobe. Rather than keeping it stored away, bring your vintage jewelry new life by repurposing its design into a new custom piece.

Our expert jeweler, Reine Krief, shares three options below on how you can transform your jewelry into a more wearable addition to your collection.

Option 1: Personalize an Existing Design

There could be a myriad of reasons as to why a necklace or bracelet is no longer working for you. It could be as simple as a change in length or bead placement or as complex as a complete reworking of a design. Reine not only has a wealth of experience in updating vintage jewelry but also an innate understanding of aesthetics and design. If keeping the integrity of the existing design is important to you, Reine will match this importance and dedicate her focus to elevating the piece rather than fully redesigning it.

Option 2: Strengthening a Piece's Integrity

With time, jewelry experiences wear and tear that can bring worry as to whether you can still wear a piece safely. While this is a valid concern, we believe this should not be a reason to discontinue wearing your beloved jewelry altogether. Instead, consider refreshing the materials used in your necklace, bracelet, or earrings by working with our team at BijouRocks. 

One path to consider is using hand knotted silk. This practice involves stringing your semi-precious stones or beads on silk strands and placing knots in between each piece. Not only does this protect each stone from wearing against one another, it also strengthens the overall piece of jewelry due to the high durability of silk. This practice is Reine's dedicated speciality and is highly equipped to lead you through this process.

Option 3: Repurposing a Vintage or Heirloom Piece

Jewelry centered around a singular jewel or heirloom motif can be difficult to translate to more current wear. You may be pulled to a necklace or bracelet because of its centerpiece but find that its other aspects do not match your style. Or you may have a pendant or heirloom that simply stringing on a chain does not do it justice. Reine works to honor heirlooms by creating designs that match a stone or centerpiece's purpose while keeping it modern and wearable. Share your vision or design ideas with Reine and bring new life to your jewelry.

BijouRocks offers one-on-one consultations to discuss and evaluate the best course of action for your jewelry. Schedule time with Reine Krief by emailing or by visiting our Custom Shop page for more information.


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