Our Guide to Jewelry Shopping Virtually

This year has brought vast changes to nearly all aspects of our lives, including the way we shop. Our team at BijouRocks understands that our beloved clients have had to shift the way they shop with us, and we wanted to do all we can to make the transition smooth. In addition to the upcoming launch of our new website, we wanted share some tips on how to feel confident shopping online for jewelry.

1. Determine your Style

Whether you're in search of something specific or are window shopping, having an idea of your style will help navigate you through our options without feeling overwhelmed. Some questions to keep in mind include:

  • Do you prefer gold or silver? There are two ways to approach this question - based on your personal preference or based on what metal best complements your skin tone. If you're interested in understanding skin tone matching, use this as a quick evaluation. People with warm undertones (those who have green veins on their wrist and tan easily) typically best suit gold metals and people with cool undertones (those who have blue veins on their wrist and tend to burn easily) best match silver metals. 
  • What color themes do you gravitate towards? This will help guide you towards beads and semi-precious stones that match colors you identify with.
  • How will a new piece match my existing jewelry? The jewelry you highly value or tend to wear often will serve as a great help in deciding what piece to add next to your collection. 

2. Understand your Measurements

Many of our pieces are easily adjustable, but it is helpful to know your measurements to best envision how our jewelry and apparel will fit you. There are a number of helpful measurement guides across the internet, but here are few quick rules of thumb when shopping through our products.

  • Necklaces Most of our necklaces are either princess length (17-19 inches) or opera length (30-36 inches). Both are standard, popular lengths so they will complement tops with any neckline. We ensure the length of each necklace is clear and modeled to give a sense of how they lay.
  • Bracelets Many of our bracelets have slide knot closures to allow for complete adjustability. For bracelets with clasp closures, it's great to keep in mind your wrist size to share with our team in case we can adjust the length to best fit you.
  • T-shirts Our t-shirts fit true to size and are a cotton blend so they should not shrink after washing. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions on our apparel.

3. Request Customization

The benefit of shopping with BijouRocks is that every piece of jewelry in our collections can be customized to match your vision. If you see a piece on our website that you are curious about modifying, please reach out to us at info@bijourocks.com or on our Custom Shop page for a one-on-one meeting with our expert jeweler, Reine Krief, to discuss options.

4. Look out for Authentic Photos

Many online jewelry shops do not have all of the products they are selling in stock, which can bring pause in some online shoppers. Every piece of jewelry is handcrafted personally by Reine Krief and is carefully stored with her inventory, ready to sell to you. We work hard to provide imagery of our pieces being worn on a model but if you have any additional questions, reach out to us anytime.

5. Have a Virtual Consultation

While we love having our clients shop in-store, we are working hard to translate this experience to a virtual setting. If you have any questions about the jewelry you find on our website or about creating a custom piece, please reach out to our team at info@bijourocks.com. We are always available to help.  

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